Hi dead people!

Did you know? I went to school for a couple years to be a medium. Basically I learned to talk to dead people. Sorry, Spiritualists for sounding crass, but that’s the easiest way to explain it. Plus, no one wants to hear someone go into the whole explanation, because most people write it off as spooky hoo-ha.

People call this a religion. Is it? I think it’s more of an interest, or philosophy. Is a religion something you believe in? Maybe my religion is as a James Brownie, and my philosophy on energy is Spiritualism. Ok, there. Settled.

Anyway. I really wish I had some cash, time, and free flights laying around because I would take classes. I want to learn about physical mediumship, which is making stuff move, levitate, and physically manifest. I want to perfect Electronic Voice Phenomena, which is voices on tape/over the radio, I want to investigate the paranormal, and make a horn float around the room. I could do alll that at Arthur Findlay College in England. Any benefactors out there?

Since we’re on that topic, the Met had a great show in 2005–The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult that had pictures from some occult archives (1860s-WWII) showing pictures of spirits, levitation, seances, ectoplasm…all the fun stuff.

I wish I would have seen it, I would have said, Oh my god, oh my god a lot and walked in that funny swooning way and made whoever I was with crazy by staying too long and talking too fast.


One response to “Hi dead people!

  1. Wouldn’t have driven me crazy. Would have been right there with you darling. can’t believe we missed that show!

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