Seriously, Boston?

So. As you know Shepard Fairey was arrested before his show opened at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston. While I could go on and on about the arrest, I wonder why Boston is wasting their time…you nabbed em Boston! Great job BPD! Seriously? This is what you’re concerned about? A little beautification of Roxbury? How about keeping the homicide rate down? How about some affordable housing? How about running more public transport down Washington, past Dudley? Hmmmm??? Really? The T isn’t looking so good anyway, a little Shepard Fairey piece here and there brightens up people’s days.

This is typical Boston-they think that they can get some attn for something really insignificant, blowing their efforts out of proportion, while letting everyone who isn’t a college student (and not funded by rich parents) rot. Remember, before the DNC in 2004, those stupid signs and flowers that started appearing in the middle of the road? What about the potholes on Mass Ave? What about, oh I don’t know, ALL of Dorchester? Oh god.

Remember when Boston bravely defeated those Aqua Teen Hunger Force lite-brite things?

Dear MTA and BPD and whoever else is taking this seriously: Get a life! Make sure people aren’t being killed before you start trying to act like you’re on top of things! Get some supervision on the orange line after dark! The list could go on and on, but come on. Argh!


2 responses to “Seriously, Boston?

  1. seriously! and you know what’s funny… there’s a conspiracy to go along with this. Supposedly, the police were in a fued with mayor menino over their wages and wanted to make menino look like a bad guy (since he was photographed shaking hands with fairey earlier that week.) Their plan was to arrest him right in front of the ICA and spark a riot BUT fairey’s cab driver incidently took a wrong turn and dropped him off a few blocks away, so no one even saw the arrest. haha stupid Boston police!

    i’m enjoying your blog!! v

  2. Typ-i-cal Boston! Even their corruption is botched. I sort of love it. At least they’re trying to be corrupt.

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