Spirit rappings

God I wish I could see this show:

Here’s the description: Taken from the title of an Old American tune from 1854 and a Spiritualist term for otherworldly communication, Spirit Rappings features works in painting, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and printmaking. Each acts as conduits through which hermetic recipes, public and private rituals, mystical revelations, transcendental reflections, phenomenological hallucinations, myth and the sacred ineffable are transmitted through monochromatic, primordial portals.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? I love art about the occult, specifically spiritualism. There was this show at The Photographic Resource Center at Boston University, curated by Leslie K. Brown, who I’ve always admired.

This is a picture of a medium in a box that they sometimes sit in to contact spirits. It’s by Shannon Taggart. Carol Golemboski showed work from her series on psychometry, one of my favorite subjects. I could go on and on, but the basic gist is that objects pick up energy, and it’s possible to read that energy. Or just pick it up.

I don’t believe in aura photographs. It’s hard to be a photographer, which is supposed to be all about capturing what we can see, and a believer of the supernatural, which is about believing things you can’t see. See where I might be conflicted? But that’s me, a bundle of contradictions.

Here’s a link to an article on the PRC’s website about Spiritualism and spirit photography. Can you tell I’m more than a little obsessed? God I’d love to work in an occult archive. The exhibition’s site also has a great links page, linking to The American Society for Psychical Research, Occultopedia.com, and contemporary ghost photographs.

There was a show at Mass Art a while back that had a film based on the Winchester House, but their website doesn’t archive back that far. I love spooky things. I love art about spooky things that is about believing and isn’t hokey.

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