Holgas, I still want you

Click the picture for the Holgawood link.

Oh Holga. You certainly are getting fancy. I remember the days you only cost $15 and now you’re going for way more. Not like you improved or got anymore expensive to make (you’re just a chunk of plastic), but you’re trendy! So now you can charge more. I want to make fun of you, but I want you  in my hands even more, esp that gold one. Not to mention this one

Oh yes. It is a stereo Holga. Two pictures at once, then I’ll need a stereo viewer.  I could shoot slides and mount them in the viewer, or film and make prints old-fashioned style. This is really one of the most exciting things they could have done.  Holgas are plastic cameras with plastic lenses that take 120 medium format film.  The nice thing about them is you can mess with them, drop them, lose them, travel with them, and if something happens you’re only out a little bit of money. Plus, each one’s different and they take dreamy-like pictures. They don’t really focus, and they only have one shutter speed. They are a perfectionist’s nightmare, but since I’m only a perfectionist part-time, I love Holgas. And Dianas. Oh I love novelty cameras.


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