It’s unbelievable

An ectoplasmic hand of her dead brother. Ectoplasm is a physical manifestation of ghosts, basically. I love this image because not only is it ghost-related, but it’s a stereograph too! This weirdness was meant to be seen in 3D!

Oh wow, I’m obsessed. I have lots of short-lived obsessions, and quite a few life-long obsessions. Weird, otherworldly, supernatural and the occult are long-term obsessions. I’m so exicted this new book is out I’m going to run to the library tonight for it.

Did you even know there was a Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University? Not many people do. It says something that a university would spend their time on research like this, right? The author’s blog is promoting her book, but also acts as a resource for parapsychology. The author sounds totally awesome, by the way. Catch up on your spooky news!


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