Guest of Cindy Sherman

This new–I guess some could call it a documentary–about Cindy Sherman is out.

This article from The American Prospect calls out director/Sherman’s former bf Paul Hasegawa-Overacker for misogyny, social climbing, and general macho crap. This article brings up some good points about the treatment of women in the male-dominated boy’s club art scene, and how even an art superstar like Sherman isn’t given a pass.

I want to see this film, if only to see Cindy Sherman in action. She’s managed to be one of the most enduring contemporary photographers.¬† Her Untitled Film Stills are classics.

I guess Paul Hasegawa-Overacker got famous after all, if only for riding on Sherman’s coattails.


One response to “Guest of Cindy Sherman

  1. aha! did you just see my post on facebook about this?? I’ve been curious about it. of course the title intrigues me and I want to see it, but apparently even ms Sherman was not happy with it’s release, so I’ll pass.

    did you know she’s been spotted ’round town with David byrne!?!

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