Ghost Comics

I’m so excited about this new comics compliation, Ghost Comics. It’s 176 pages of mainly Minneapolis comics artists, perfect bound and oh-so-pretty.  Thanks to a Xeric Grant, Ed Choy Moorman edited this book as a benefit for substance abuse treatment facility RS Eden.

Comics by the likes of Zak Sally, Will Dinski, Sarah Morean and Ed Choy Moorman himself, with many ghost-themed comics.  Right now you can get it at Arise Bookstore and Big Brain Comics, and maybe sometime soon off his website. Yes to comics doing good!t


2 responses to “Ghost Comics

  1. That sounds phenomenal! I love a good collection of artists especially comic book artists! I’ll have to see if I can get a hold of a copy.

  2. I found a copy of this book in my local thrift. Wonderfully printed and bound, beautiful art, diverse styles. Haunting and cheerful stories. What a gem! An island of uniqueness in a vast ocean of junk. “Ghost Comics” should be reprinted many many times so more readers can enjoy it.

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