Laurel Nakadate

There’s a great show at Leslie Tonkonow right now: Fever Dreams at the Crystal Motel: Laurel Nakadate. Videos and color photos cover lust, performance, seduction, creepiness, and a lot of other things.

Jerry Saltz of New York Magazine says…”Laurel Nakadate coaxes men to enact strangely provocative rituals on camera, gives others pinups of herself to fondle, and lies in disheveled rooms murmuring come-ons. (She also talks young women out of their clothes.) The viewer is torn between wanting Nakadate, wanting to throttle her, wanting to protect her, and wanting to rescue her subjects. She’s one witchy artist.” (June 15-22, 2009)

There’s an image on the gallery’s site called Bellocq 1 with a woman’s face smeared with ink, a reference to E. J. Bellocq’s b&w photos of New Orleans Storyville prostitutes. Maybe if Francesca Woodman wasn’t so Scorpio-y and worked in color today, her work would be like Nakadate’s. Yayyy for keeping Bellocq in mind.


2 responses to “Laurel Nakadate

  1. I recently came across a blog post that discussed Laurel Nakadate’s current exhibit at the Leslie Tonkonow gallery:

  2. good shoot i like the vintage effect.

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