The Old, Weird America

This keeps coming up and I’m not even looking for it. Yesterday it came up when I was finishing Hubert’s Freaks. Today it came up when I looked on the Decordova’s site and found this amazing show I wish I could see:

The Old, Weird America: Folk Themes in Contemporary Art through September 7th, if you’re in Mass.

This is a still from Jeremy Blake’s 2002 video Winchester, which is about the Winchester mansion in California. I feel like I saw this at Mass Art for some occult-like show.

My favorites, McDermott and McGough are showing some of their painting (I think their photography is much more exquisite, but didn’t fit this theme,ah well).

Also, a 2001 piece by Margaret Kilgallen, pretty much the best ever.

The Old, Weird America was a book by Greil Marcus about Bobby Dylan and the Band’s Basement Tapes. This show was curated by Minneapolis’s own Colleen Sheehy and LA’s Michael Duncan. I want to see the catalog on this one. I love all the Decordova does, including existing.


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