The Spirit World

New Orleans Photo Alliance just opened a show entitled “The Spirit World”–a national juried show about spirits, the supernatural, unearthly; basically the feel of Nola encapsulated in photographs. You know how I feel about spirit photographs. Love them! Love that they continued to be considered, even if it does have to be around Halloween/All Saints Day/Dia de los Muertos. At least they’re getting their time in the sun, or in this case, their time in the ether, or misty midnight. Through November 22nd, if you’re around.
I do not feel good about juried shows tho. I don’t want to pay money to have the opportunity to show my work. I don’t have the cash, nor do I agree that only people with money should be able to access the established art scene and outlets. Ahhh!!

New Orleans Photo Alliance is an awesome artist-run collective dedicated to photography. They’ve got a lot going on and I’m super jealous I can’t be a part of it. Ah well.


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