No Man’s Land

no mans

Two of my favorite photographers–Bonnell Robinson and Dana Mueller team up to show work in their show at the Art Institute of Boston’s Gallery at University Hall in Porter Square in Cambridge, Mass.  Bonnell’s work focuses on the Western and Italian Fronts of the Great War (1914-1918), including stops in my homeland of Slovenia. Dana’s work is of former German prisoner-of-war camps in the US (1942-1945).  Didn’t know the US had German POW camps? I didn’t either until I stayed in one that is now a campground/shooting range in Laurel, Montana.  So, go to the opening of No Man’s Land on Thursday, November 5th, meet two of the loveliest women you’ll ever encounter, marvel at their work, and tell me all about it, because, alas, I’m still not in Boston. Ah well.

If this inspires you to want to learn from these photographic gurus, they’re involved in the Camera Eye Workshops, a set of classes by working artists, critiques, field trips, and most importantly, access to some of the most talented, kind, and amazing teachers in…America? The world? The universe?


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