Daguerreotypes in the 21st century

I’m super jealous. The Daguerreian Society is having their annual symposium in Philly in November. Sarah Weatherwax, the Curator of Prints and Photographs at The Library Company of Philadelphia, has curated a show of Daguerreotypes in Philadelphia, 1839-1860: Casting a Shadow.

They have a ton of speakers and tours of Project Basho, the community darkroom in Philly.  They’ll talk about restoring Daguerreotypes and there will be a place to buy your very own. If you’re in Philly, Takashi Arai‘s first US show of Daguerreotypes he took in Japan are on view at Project Basho, called Flawless Lakes, through January 17th.

Gorgeous! How I wish I could make my own Dagurerreotypes! I could if I went to Takashi’s Daguerreotype workshop on November 7th at Project Basho. The following week he’ll be on a panel discussion with other contemporary practitioners.

So, so cool. I hope this trend of 19th century photography in the modern day continues. It looks soooo much better than digital, and has a craft to it. Take that computers!


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