Images from the Boston Combat Zone

Howard Yezerski has a show up until March about the Boston Combat Zone, with images from 1969-1978. I miss the Combat Zone, and I wasn’t even alive for it, but it must have been better than what it is now. I also miss Scollay Square, which I also never saw, ah well.

Three photographers show their work: John Goodman, Roswell Angier and Jerry Berndt. Yezerski’s website is great; it lets you look at the exhibition online. Glad this gallery is still going strong. Check out their other represented artists, I recommend it.


2 responses to “Images from the Boston Combat Zone

  1. i wish you could explain more! all the content here is quite good, but… you’re leaving me hanging! and i wont have time to trek out for everything :<

  2. ah worked with a band late 50″s at the palce bar on washinton and boylston..they were some good times as long as you minded your own biss…scollay sq. washinton theatre..drummer by name of chubby dicherio…and a bouncer by the name of russian…all good memories…am still playin music…mike p.

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