Obscura Day

Obscura Day! On March 20th, in cities all over the western hemisphere, Obscura Day promises “A day of expeditions, back-room tours and hidden treasures in your own hometown.” This sounds like my kind of day. Our own city of Mpls showcases Allan Christan’s House of Balls. What? You’ve never been there? Imagine a strange playland made from bowling balls. It’s worth a trip even if it’s closed: You can record a message on his doorbell/voice recorder, trip a motion-activated recording of other after-hours visitors, and press buttons in the window to make sculptures move.

I’m just about dying to go to The Hair Museum in Missouri, but it’s not everyday I go there. Did you know I have a thing for hair mourning jewelry?

Atlas Obscura organized this day, and I’m really really happy they’re on top of promoting all things weird. They are a “compendium of the world’s wonders, curiosity and esoterica.” It’s on their website you can look up regions and find out what’s strange there.

I just about live for this kind of stuff.


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