Nature Noir

So, I’m in a show called Nature Noir at the Mahan Gallery in lovely Columbus, Ohio. My stuff is all tintypes and there is Jen Mann, a painter of ladies and animals, and Bethany Davis, who had a great drawing of a ship I wish was up. The show’s up through March 27th, and I wholeheartedly support you going there to see it, and buying everything in sight. It’s really that good.I spent a few months making work about divination, and I’m really happy with them.

From the website:

Mahan Gallery is pleased to present Nature Noir, an exhibition of works by artists Bethany Davis, Lacey Hedtke and Jen Mann. This exhibition is an exploration of nature, spiritualism, sorcery, noir and the embracement of the fruition of creating art.

I went to Columbus for the show, prowled around German Village and ate a burger from The Thurman Cafe that I’ve been dreaming about for two weeks now. It was that good. I didn’t go for the Thurman Burger, which has 24 ounces of beef, but I bet I could have eaten it. Also, I like that this place is owned by Macedonians. They’re my people.


One response to “Nature Noir

  1. Excellent shots, so moody

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