Sugar Sugar

I’ve just been to my new favorite candy store, wait let me check…there’s Cardullo’s in Cambridge, and Burdicks in Cambridge…but Sugar Sugar in Minneapolis (38th and Grand, kittycorner from Victor’s)  is the cutest and most pleasurable to visit. I felt like I was in another country in another era, an era where they had Skybars (which are made by the Necco company in Mass. and supposedly only turn on the Skybar machine once a year. (it’s actually not that good, but a novelty.)) I used to bike past the Necco company, and the air would smell sweet, and I’d pretend I was in Vermont and that was maple syrup and that I was not avoiding potholes and crazy drivers on Mass. Ave.  They have Idaho Spuds (which I’ve never seen before, but was mentioned later that night by Michelle Tea at Sister Spit at the Bedlam). I’m so into linking right now!

They had just gotten these bubble butt marshmallows, which the owner said had led to some wild Google search results:

They, like most other cordials and malted milk balls in the store, were in these cute jars:

So when you wanted gummy teeth or gummy fried eggs, you’d ask, and the owner would take them down off the wall. Everything was either vintage or in cute jars. When I walked in she said, are you chocolate or sugar? In case you’re wondering, I’m chocolate.
She had stories behind a lot of the candies. There was Rogue Chocolatier and B.T. McElrath (both fine handmade Minnesota chocolate) and some Parisian chocolates that cost a fortune and I bet were worth it, and Papbubble candy from Barcelona which looked like sculptures. I recommend checking out their website. It has hilarious pictures of people wearing candy.


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