Ha ha American Apparel

You prolly know if you’ve heard me talk for a while that I wildly hate American Apparel, their sexist and sometimes bordering-on-scary advertising, their CEO Dov Charney. I also hate that he is an Aquarius. Giving us a creepier name than usual.

Oh wow! AA had some ass contest, and now have a great excuse to publish the pictures they’ve always wanted to.

Big deal! So the clothes are made in the US. American Apparel is anti-union, and Dov’s been embroiled in sexual harassment lawsuits. Feministing had a blog post about a Clamor Magazine article that I need to find in print about American Apparel’s “co-opting of progressive values to hype an otherwise less-than progressive workplace.”

Anyway, I was happy to see that some people from About-Face “performed” in front of an AA store until the police were called. People dressed ridiculously (read: wearing AA clothing) and “Dov” himself showed up.

I have to admit, I’ve been in a store before and wanted some shimmer pants or a very comfortable looking (but overpriced) dress. The things I somehow resisted buying was (overpriced) Dr. Bronner’s soap (WHY are they selling this?), $5 string for a hoodie, and a string for $10. A string.


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