Rogue Taxidermy Show

There have been some good rogue taxidermy shows throughout the years, and this one is the next in line for weirdos preserving animals and doing weird things to them. La Luz de Jesus just closed a Rogue Taxidermy show. It included a taxidermy demo

Here in Minnesota, we have our own Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists. Here you can find Sarah Brewer’s Custom Creature Taxidermy Arts images, like the one above from the La Luz de Jesus show.

Pretty weird! My cabin has deer hooves for book ends, and when I was little I used to sit on the floor and pet them, sort of freaked-out. I’m going to see a friend who’s in town for the evening, can’t write anymore!


One response to “Rogue Taxidermy Show

  1. i love the rogue taxidermists and do a bit of it myself!

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