Harry Callahan and Nick Nixon at the MFA

Here are two photo shows you should really see if you’re in Boston.

Harry Callahan: American Photographer is up until July 5.

He worked in America in the mid 20th century, took piles of photos of his wife Eleanor through their life and relationship, taught at RISD and was a general photographic master. Yep.

He’ll clear out and make way for one of Boston’s own, Nick Nixon, whose show runs July 28-May 1, 2011. Plenty of time. The show is called Nicholas Nixon: Family Album. He’s taken pictures of his family over years and years, similar to Callahan. The series is called The Brown Sisters–portraits of his wife and her three sisters, at a rate of one portrait per year, starting in 1975. They’re always in the same order.

He’s also taken great cityscapes, but that’s for another show. His work of people with AIDS was an incredible portrait AIDS in the 80s.

Also, while you’re there, why don’t you check out some of the MFA’s archives that are on display, since they’re renovating, like every other museum in the country. Preserving History, Making History: The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is up through the end of the year and shows historic photographs, archival documents and architectural fragments surrounding the museum’s life.

Look how pretty the first museum was, in Copley Square! It stood there 1876-1909. It was were the Copley Plaza Hotel is now. Purty!


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