Madison’s bike-in cafe!

Oh Madison, you’re so small and progressive in the middle of this weird Midwestern state.  Chris Berge, co-owner of Restaurant Magnus, the Weary Traveler and Natt Spil and cofounder of Barriques and the Blue Marlin, in Madison wants to open a restaurant that’s open only to bikers. It won’t be accessible by car. You know what that means? No space-wasting parking lot! I already like this place, as I passionately hate parking lots.

Other good things–it will serve local food, be zero waste, and it is described  as  “a hobbit hole meets the American Players Theatre meets a 1950s National Park recreational area.” It would be called The Badger Den. The seating will be made from tree trunks, and they’ll serve coffee and juice in cups that fit into cup holders on your bike. (What? Don’t have one? Perfect for biking and drinking…whatever). They’ll serve beer and wine! Iwant to go to there!

Get it together, Minneapolis! This could totally happen on the Greenway. What better security than to have people hanging out on the Greenway at night, having fun, watching, watching!


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