Old iceboxes reborn as refrigerators

Quick! Someone buy me one of these ice box fridges from Meneghini for my new house, that I’m sure to buy any minute! Ice boxes are the coolest, I miss the days that I wasn’t even around for of ice delivery, or if you lived on a lake, chopping blocks of ice and keeping them cool in a hole in the ground covered in sawdust.
Even more amazing, are these mini kitchens:

Yes, it is a fridge, cabinet, sink and stove. All in one. I was at my friend’s gorgeous 1800s house he is fixing up, and he had something like this. He called it a bachelor’s kitchenette.


One response to “Old iceboxes reborn as refrigerators

  1. I love these old refrigerators made to work like new!! I think it really is a wonderful concept and would love to own one myself.

    How much fun would it be to reach into an old school fridge to make lunch?!?! I love all of the new looks but there’s really something special to the charm of an old refrigerator.

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