Haunted America Conference

Who doesn’t have some information to exchange about hauntings and ghosts in their lives? The 2011 Haunted America West Coast Conference is the perfect place to learn more about hauntings.

It’s being held at the the Scottish Rite Event Center, and you can take a haunted bus tour with a Victorian seance with a costumed guide (my favorite!), hunt ghosts with ghost investigators on a FERRY, and hang out with other ghost lovers. A few of the sessions include: History & Hauntings of America’s Last Outlaws, Q & A’s of Psychic Development, Native America & Hispanic Ghosts, and one I would be very interested in taking, EVP & Investigation Techniques. EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomena, investigated by Dr. Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian parapyschologist, who wrote a book on EVP in the 70s called Breakthrough. I recommend it. I have some EVP on tape, did you know? My car got stuck in a snowbank in northern MN at night in the woods, and a voice said “Car Works” while I was tape recording.

Anyway, I really wish I could go to this conference. Or that one would come to the Midwest. We have ghosts too! Perhaps they need me to revive the art of spirit photography, on tintype!


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