Cool vending machines

Yeah! Vending machines that sell stuff other than candy or cigarettes (and do they even sell those anymore?) are the funnest! Greenaid is using vintage gumball machines to sell seedbombs–a mixture of clay, compost and seeds, meant to be thrown to turn a glum urban area into a more green space. Commonstudio design firm is behind this guerrilla greening, and you can find where to buy little packets of joy on the map on their website.

The German publisher Hamburger Automatenverlag are converting vintage cigarette machines into book vending machines selling local author’s books. You can buy graphic novels, fiction, poetry, and travel guides.


3 responses to “Cool vending machines

  1. i love these graphics too… crazy to watch the lists change over the years so fewer and fewer companies at top.

  2. oops the comment about the graphics was supposed to go with the post about the…well…, graphics : )

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