Where your money goes

Even when you’re trying to buy from presumably lefty companies at the co-op, you’re still probably giving your money to mega corporations. I love these sort of infographics:

Click to be able to zoom in.

Also, one of my favorites:

I don’t drink soda, but sometimes I buy tea or juice or something in a bottle.

Click here to zoom in.
or download PDF version of Soft Drink Industry Structure, 2008.

Oh, and here’s your guide to who owns most of the seeds, compliments of Phil Howard at Michigan State University:

PDF here.

Big surprise! It’s mostly Monsanto. Now you wonder why so many plant varieties are on the verge of disappearing?  And why farmers don’t even own the rights to their own seeds? This is why we need a seed vault. Food, Inc. had really interesting things to say about the seed situation, one that not many people think or know about.


2 responses to “Where your money goes

  1. A Did You Know? There is a “Seed Savers Exchange” farm located in Decorah, Iowa that grows, collects, sells hundreds of heritage, organic seeds. There are only a few of these seed exchanges in the nation.

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