UFOs and strange sightings in MN

(Bigfoot in MN)

Science-Great Mysteries: Lake Monster, the Sasquatch & UFO’s

Class Description:

Dr. Charles Huver is a biologist from the University of Minnesota who has traveled to Loch Ness, Scotland and Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, in search of lake monsters. He has also participated in ane xpedition to study the Sasquatch. The 3rd session will be a discussion of the nature of UFO’s including recent Midwestern sightings.

This class is being offered at Minneapolis Community Education. So, there’s an improper apostrophe use–I’m not letting it stop me. I wonder who else will take this class and what the discussions will be.
Interested? It’s in October for three nights. We can talk about our strange sightings and the impossible. We’ll file it under improbablia–the term the Los Angeles Public Library used to group “futuristic technology, wars in outer space, ghost stories and Gothic romances”, …so anything looking toward the past (magic, werewolves, sorcery, wizards) (which are still in the present!) as Fantasy, with a subcategory of horror. Anything forward-thinking, Science Fiction. I read about it in The Monster Show.

Also, in other strange news, did you know that St. Paul had a UFO?

Jump ahead to 55 seconds to see the good stuff. The narrative is an added bonus.


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