The Zinester’s Guide to NYC

Hooray! The Zinester’s Guide to NYC is out! If you’re around on Thursday,  and you’re in the BIG CITY, you should go to the release fete and mini zine fair at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. There will be zines, a competition to win things, and new best friends. If you aren’t there, you can order it from Microcosm. I have the Portland guide, and it is indispensible, so I’m sure this covers the other coast just as well.

Here’s the description of the guide and some illustrations from it:

Following on the heels of its best selling, DIY city guide The Zinester’s Guide to Portland, Microcosm Publishing is proud to announce the publication of The Zinester’s Guide to New York City – quite possibly the last wholly analog specimen of its kind.

The ZG2NYC is an opinionated, anecdotal, low budget, highly participatory exploration of the greatest city on earth. From Japanese breakfasts, art supplies, used books, and wisteria (free for the eating in Central Park) to punk rope, volunteer opportunities, storefront museums and subway musicians, the Zinester’s Guide to NYC has it all. To hell with iPhone apps! Over fifty New York-based zine and indie comics publishers contributed listings and illustrations to supplement the recommendations of Ayun Halliday, Chief Primatologist of The East Village Inky zine and author of No Touch Monkey! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late.

Why watch the parade when you can march in it? The Zinester’s Guide to NYC wholeheartedly encourages its readers to guest bartend, play bike polo in Sara Roosevelt Park, create public parks in metered parking spaces, and submit the 5-minute movies they shoot on the boardwalk to next year’s Coney Island Film Festival. Pocket-sized and user friendly, the Zinester’s Guide to NYC is an indispensable resource for both first-time visitors and New Yorkers of longstanding, a personal history, and a window through which armchair travelers can experience this town.


2 responses to “The Zinester’s Guide to NYC

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  2. I love Microcosm Publishing! They need to do a Zinester’s Guide to Europe!

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