Asphalt Archeology

I’ve been in love with the idea of items buried in asphalt-intentionally or non-, after I saw scissors embedded in concrete in Boston’s North End, at the entranceway to a salon. And at the Fenway neighborhood’s King of Records, with their name spelled out in marbles in the entranceway. There were a lot of cool old men hanging out there, doing “yoga” (smoking pot), playing piano, and selling records and trinkets to young college girls like myself. It was the kind of place you had to move heavy pipes to get Stephane Grappelli records.

Anyway, Mike Mission is on a…ahem, mission to document items that have been buried in asphalt in NYC.


5 responses to “Asphalt Archeology

  1. Interesting. You may also want to know that as early as 150000 years back, all the animal form that existed at that time were trapped in those overflowing asphalt lakes. You want to see how a Sabre toothed cat looked like, asphalt was the answer!!!
    From extinct animal species to key chain, we have come a long way!!!

  2. this is awesome! a fork in the road!!!!

  3. Would love to know what theories archaeologists of the distant future are going to have about what forks are.

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