Heineken’s World Brick


Come on manufacturers! We can do this! In the 1960s Heineken and Dutch architect John Habraken collaborated to create the “World Bottle”–a beer bottle that can be used as building material. After Alfred Heineken saw Heineken beer bottles wash up on a Caribbean beach, he was inspired to produce 100,000 World Bottles.

Why can’t we do this now? I love double- or triple-duty items. Bring the World Bottle back, Heineken! We could build fences, garages, houses–you name it. And we could cut down on trash. Brilliant.


One response to “Heineken’s World Brick

  1. GREAT!! Bring them back. Another alternative resource to be used in many different ways. Let your imagination run wild, we have been TRASHING way to long. {sad state of affairs} Thank You, Brian

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