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Titanic violin

violin1Oh whoa. The violin that Wallace Hartley was playing Nearer my God to Thee on while the Titanic was sinking has been found. After the ship sunk, he used it to float on. The violin was discovered only by chance when the son of an amateur musician found it in his attic. It was given to his mother by her violin teacher and was left gathering dust.






RIP Tuli Kupferberg

Oh, fug. Another good one has died. Tuli Kupferberg, poet, musician and beatnik, was a member of The Fugs, one of the best near-novelty dirty bands of all times. My dad introduced me to them, maybe not the most age-appropriate, but nevertheless made me a cooler teenager for listening to “Kill for Peace” and “Dirty Old Man” while my classmates were listening to Hole and Nirvana (ok, I was listening to them too).

Here’s a link to the Tuli Zone on the Fugs’ website. And what a website! Definitely designed by old beatniks.

Here is one of Tuli’s drawings. Hehehehe.

I can’t tell if I love Tuli more for his work with the Fugs or for his Vietnam War protest pamphlet-zine thingy called 1001 Ways to Beat the Draft. I read this through my sophmore biology class, which I guess I should have been paying more attention to, because one day when we were talking about chipmunks, I blurted out “Everyone KNOWS chipmunks aren’t real. They were created by Disney. Everything you see that you think  is a chipmunk is actually a gopher.”  Why would I say this? Because my dad told me that. Yep.Because it’s funny to make people believe things that aren’t true! Anyway, it’s a really good list of hilarious ways to avoid being drafted. If you can’t find it, there’s an excerpt in Ann Charters’  Portable Beat Reader, which also has some great Diane di Prima stuff, if you need an intro.

He was also a medical librarian, jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, which inspired Allen Ginsberg to put that in his little poem Howl, and was wonderfully irreverant. Thanks, Tuli, see ya!

De-o-der-ant Con-spir-acy


Old Spice Red Zone -scent-After Hours will suck you in! Will burn your skin! Will make yr armpits turn red and peel! Yes. It happened to me. Since Sassy Magazine isn’t around anymore, I’ll write my own It Happened to Me column.

I wish the technology was invented already that will let you call up a smell–a smell library or database I guess it would be–for you to smell this deodorant because it’s really good. Anyway–I don’t know what I was thinking, it was a weak moment. So stay away I advise you. Also when I wrote to Old Spice to let them know what their product had done to me and they said sorry and basically told me mine was a freakish happening and sent me two coupons for more Old Spice deodorants or body sprays, which I really don’t understand the point of.  Is it a cheap cologne?

I’ve noticed that sugar and dairy are really bad for me too.

Oh Sassy. Hey Google! Get on digitizing all the issues! Someone’s put some Sassy selections online, thank you, not scanned or anything, but at least it’s there.

I would like to access issues without going to the U of MN library, which thank you, is open until at least 10 at night, so you can make it a real party. Now all you’ve got to do is check the periodical stacks under S and you’ll find them. Start from the beginning, and see how shitty it gets after Teen buys them, in February of 1996.

Finally, I wish that Nancy Drew Crew was still around to sing to us.

Literal Videos

I have been debilitatingly obsessed with Literal Videos for about two weeks. People are covering (usually) 80’s music videos and changing the words to describe what is going on in the video. My favorite is Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart literal video, which is quite the video on its own. Bonnie Tyler seems to have had one amazing conceptual video director for her whole career, actually. I recommend that you check it out. Anyway. Click here for more literal videos–there’s Aha’s Take on Me, that terrible Head Over Heels song sung by a guy who looks like a young Jerry Seinfeld, and Billy Idol’s White Wedding. Addictive and hilarious!


This performance is making me rethink my stage presence…I think I need to amp it up. I like the move of falling down on the ground. Phenomenal!


Ok, it’s time you were schooled. Thor is the legendary rock warrior from Canada. Which is a different country.

You really need to see one of his live shows. Here is the show I was at at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Boston. It is a movie theatre.  First they showed a movie he made, Intercessor, then he played a show which changed my world. My life before Thor was nothing like my life after him. Watch him bend steel with his teeth, then spit a tooth out on stage:

Click on his picture for his website:


His self esteem is infectious. His heavy metal will rock you. His movies are very insightful, and his passion for Canadian culture is endearing. I love this man.

Trixie and the Treetrunks

Trixie! I want to be Trixie for Halloween, anyone want to be Marsha?

Trixie was created by Ms. Pussycat and Quintron. A happy tree gives Trixie a note saying she needs to adopt all the stray cats and start a band to deliver secret messages from the center of the earth. You know how it goes. I can’t stop talking like her. Old news, I know, but new obsession.

Quintron is coming to Mpls, by the way, on April 8th. Let’s make sure there are no evildoers on the dancefloor!