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Michael Pajon



A whisper, A Handshake--sMichael Pajon has a show at New Orleans’ Jonathan Ferrera Gallery through the end of May. It’s titled O Bury Me Not from a Depression-era cowboy ballad, and has collages that I could spend all day looking at. Check it out, lucky ones in Nola!



Adrienne Slane


Wow, I wasn’t expecting to insert all those images, but enjoy! So Adrienne Slane┬áis an Ohio artist (LOVE Ohio) who uses vintage illustrations “Inspired by the history of the curiosity cabinet and the myth of Eden.”

Usually when I see collagey work, I think, eh, it’s just a bunch of stuff glued down. But Slane is onto something great! I hope she has an endless stream of vintage magazines to cut up! Come to Mpls, Adrienne, and go to Hunt & Gather!