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Michael Pajon



A whisper, A Handshake--sMichael Pajon has a show at New Orleans’ Jonathan Ferrera Gallery through the end of May. It’s titled O Bury Me Not from a Depression-era cowboy ballad, and has collages that I could spend all day looking at. Check it out, lucky ones in Nola!



Lafcadio’s Revenge









Hey all you lucky ones in New Orleans: Through the end of the month, you should stop into the the Marigny and see Lafcadio’s Revenge, a “mobile museum” of New Orleans’ “forgotten histories,” by Tessa Farmer, Nina Nichols and Dana Sherwood. This Prospect. 2 satellite project is an homage to homage to Lafcadio Hearn, a 19th century New Orleans journalist and  ethnographer and an inventor of the city’s mysterious history.

Lafcadio’s Revenge: Mixed Media Sculpture Installation, through Jan. 29, 800 Press Street, corner Dauphine in Marigny in New Orleans

E.J. Bellocq’s Ladies of the Night

Is this turning into a Bellocq-blog? I’d be ok with it if it did. Well, here we go, haven’t looked at these pictures in a few weeks. The above is my ultimate favorite. If only Storyville was still around, with their blue books (the lady of the night directory–so organized).

I like how he leaves the backdrop visible as a backdrop.

Can you imagine what other images he made that we’ll never see? Like the images of New Orleans’ Chinatown opium dens? Thanks Bellocq for being an amazing photographer and for letting the ladies be real people, thanks ladies for sitting for these portraits, and thanks Lee Friedlander for finding Bellocq’s remaining negatives and helping them to live on.

Swoon’s Dithyrambalina

Oh, Swoon. The Brooklyn-based artist is using the salvage from a destroyed Creole Cottage in New Orelans’ Bywater neighborhood to create the Dithyrambalina–a permanent, interactive scultpure that is a sort of musical instrument. She’s working with the New Orleans Airlift on this project, and this fall, kinectic artists will head downriver to New Orleans to build a temporary installation–The Music Box, A Shantytown Sound Laboratory, to test Dithyrambalina’s musical prototypes.

Donate to the Kickstarter for this project and you could get a thank you card embellished with wallpaper from the18th century Creole house that stood on the site of the Dithyrambalina.

Euphus Ruth: When Doors Become Walls

Kevin Gillentine Gallery in New Orleans is showing Euphus “Butch” Ruth’s wet plate collodion images in December. They’re gorgeous! Here’s Ruth’s flickr. I’m not sure which images will be at the gallery, but let’s lust over old photo processes! I love the still lives. New Orleans is just about the best place on earth for making moody wet plates. If you go, buy them all!

Richard Misrach at the New Orleans Museum of Art

Did you know? Richard Misrach is a biiiiiig deal. Oh, by the way: I just followed a marching band through Mpls late at night. They were wearing glow bracelets and had stiltwalkers with them. Good times.

Anyway, Richard Misrach, a contemporary master photographed the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, especially the graffiti. It’s the FIFTH anniversary of Katrina after all, and things are still a mess.

After a book of the same name, Destroy This Memory is an exhibition that Misrach donated to five museums: Museum of Modern Art, New York; the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Any artist royalties from this project are being donated to the Make It Right Foundation to rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward.

The Spirit World

New Orleans Photo Alliance just opened a show entitled “The Spirit World”–a national juried show about spirits, the supernatural, unearthly; basically the feel of Nola encapsulated in photographs. You know how I feel about spirit photographs. Love them! Love that they continued to be considered, even if it does have to be around Halloween/All Saints Day/Dia de los Muertos. At least they’re getting their time in the sun, or in this case, their time in the ether, or misty midnight. Through November 22nd, if you’re around.
I do not feel good about juried shows tho. I don’t want to pay money to have the opportunity to show my work. I don’t have the cash, nor do I agree that only people with money should be able to access the established art scene and outlets. Ahhh!!

New Orleans Photo Alliance is an awesome artist-run collective dedicated to photography. They’ve got a lot going on and I’m super jealous I can’t be a part of it. Ah well.