Titanic violin

violin1Oh whoa. The violin that Wallace Hartley was playing Nearer my God to Thee on while the Titanic was sinking has been found. After the ship sunk, he used it to float on. The violin was discovered only by chance when the son of an amateur musician found it in his attic. It was given to his mother by her violin teacher and was left gathering dust.






4 responses to “Titanic violin

  1. Oh wow…what great photos. I’d heard of this but hadn’t seen the violin yet. Thanks so much!

  2. Incredible story. Where did you find out about this? I am a huge Titanic fan and its amazing to see how there are still remnants from the disaster even to this day.


  3. This is beautiful. You can just see in its run-down wood the incredible stories it’s waiting to tell.

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